Thursday, March 25, 2010


I haven't seen this video before, but it brought me to tears immediately after my friend sent it to me. Wouldn't it be awesome to really IMAGINE a world like this.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three Muses Nice Cup of Tea

I haven't played any challenges for quite some time but when I saw the nice cup of tea challenge over at I decided it was time to play along. Here is my entry for the Nice Cup of Tea challenge. All elements by Elena.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Art Journal Caravan... Itinerary Week#5 & STUFF...

The theme for Week #5 over at the Art Journal Caravan is Simply Me and the verb of the week was Simplify. This was fun as I have been trying to figure out how I would be able to simplify my life for a few weeks now. Does anyone else go through this? What can we do to make just a little change to actually make our lives a bit simpler at the end of the day? I love my house but have come to the conclusion there is just too much space for me to keep having "STUFF" sitting around. I know we all do it, but some days I look at this "STUFF" and wonder what the heck I am going to do with it. I have my STUFF, my husband's STUFF, the kid's STUFF, grandchildren STUFF, dog STUFF and tons of my parents STUFF. I love my STUFF, hubby loves his STUFF, the kids and grandchildren want me to save their STUFF, the dogs need STUFF to play with and I couldn't bare to get rid of my parents STUFF!!!! Makes for a whole lot of STUFF sitting around..I have my days that I want to clear out all the STUFF (except for STUFF in my art room) and start anew, but instead I rip STUFF apart, spend hours cleaning, make everything fresh again, move it around and I am settled for a few more months. One of my favorite days is the day I take my Christmas STUFF down and put it away, the house always looks bare and clean and I love that look. Eventually STUFF starts to move in all around me again and that is when I try to figure out what I should do with it. Anyways I liked making my Simply Me piece as it is pretty plain and simple. Tell me if you have these STUFF days and what you do to fix it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Spring Tussie Mussie

I have been working on a spring tussie mussie for a friend that has been feeling a little down lately. I am hoping this will cheer her up a bit when her package arrives. I called on some of our art friends to make tags for her and I will fill the mussie with everyone's tags and some other goodies and send it off.

It is just a gorgeous day here today. Tom even went out and golfed 18 holes with 3 other goofballs. I think it is a little early but if you have the bug I guess you can't help yourself. My SIL has landed in from Cape Breton so we are all going out for a nice dinner tonight, should be fun. She is a lot older than Tom, but she is a sweetie and always lots of fun to be around.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday. I am off to a workshop for my work tomorrow, should be interesting. I do not work in the winter, but it is almost time to head back. I have worked a few days the past couple of weeks but should be back full time by the middle of April. We have new owners so they have decided to hold a workshop tomorrow to get our imput on what was right and what was wrong with the previous management. LOL...I have heard so many people complaining and saying they are not going, just a waste of time. I guess some people are never happy, the same people were complaining about the previous owners because they never listened, now you have someone that is taking a bit of interest in what you may have to offer and they are still complaining. Seems as though people love misery! I do not understand how one can ever be happy if your attitude is negative everyday, couldn't they just try the positive side once. They have a job, that is much more than lots of other people out there.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shadow Box Card

I have been playing with this silly card for a couple of weeks. I was so excited the day my order from Crafty Secrets arrived in the mail, hoping to get the creative juices flowing, but it took a few weeks. I had never ordered from them before, but when I saw these shadow box cards off I went...LOL...I finally finished playing with it last night, so here it is.

took this one with camera

and a scan what a difference in colors, huh!!!

I used all Paper Whimsy images, german scrap, paper flowers that I glazed and some glitter mist. They are lots of fun to make and I am thinking about playing with some lace and other goodies for the next one. The cards come in landscape and portrait style. I think I will try my hand at a portrait one next. They are easy to put together and have great instructions with them to assemble.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Caravan Journey Continues....

Parcel 4 theme over at the Caravan Journey was Letting Loose with Color. I had fun playing with this theme and I would say I let loose. Yeah me, even added the words. LOL...

I would also like to thank my sweet friend Marlynn, for this precious blog award. Marlynn is a real sweetie and her blog is full of fun, art and everyday musings. Be sure to visit her over at the Breeze!

I know you will enjoy!

Also thanks to Elizabeth over at Altered Book Lover for featuring my blog today! She has really made my day! Thanks so much Elizabeth. You can visit Elizabeth here:

I am in a BLAH kind of mood~ Four days of rain can do that! WAter, mud, dogs coming and going, clean, clean, clean. BLECK!!! Now that hubby has retired we are having the big debate, is it time to sell the house and downsize? Our house is way to large for the two of us, kids are gone, not coming back and we really do not need all the space we have. Can we move from the country and be happy? What about the doggies, they love the country. Big decisions, for me anyway. I wish I was more like Tom, he is so darned easy going and he claims I push the panic button and that just starts all kinds of things whirling around in my I am sure we will make the right decision and I should just sit back and enjoy our life as it is and wait to see what may lie around the bend. That's it, lay off the panic button.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

YEAH!!! Finally got to play with paper and glue

I decided to try and create my skinny book pages for our RR group. Linda's theme was summer, birds, flowers, vintage, lace, really whatever we wanted to play with she was pretty open. I had fun pulling out my papers, images and glue and just started to play. This is my end result for Linda.

side one

side two

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a fun mail week!

I done a bit of shopping on Etsy and everything seemed to show up in my mail last week. First came this beautiful fabric collage. I totally love this and nailed it as soon as I seen it go up for sale over at Hand for Haiti! The collage is by Rhonda and you can find her blog here:


Next up, ooh-la-la, oh so yummy are these incredible vintage inspiration baskets by Lisa. The pictures do these no justice and they are over-flowing with beauty. You can find Lisa's blog here:

And then my winnings from the Vintage Chicks, oh my gosh look at all these gorgeous goodies. I am in Heaven! You can find them here

So this is why I had the most awesome mail week! Yeah!!!! Okay off to WONDERLAND with hubby, so excited.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Caravan Itinerary #3

This weeks theme was Creating from the Past. Verb of the week was Mend. And quote was Forgiveness is the needle that knows how to mend. ~ Jewel

Not so sure I nailed this as I think my muse had started to go out the door before finished, but isn't that what the ride is all about, good days and bad days.

Also I am getting really excited that Alice in Wonderland opened today! I have to wait until Sunday as I have a date with hubby but I am so looking forward to this.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I just plain have the blahs!!! Thought that was suppose to be in February? I cannot CREATE anything. Nope! I don't feel like it. My art  room is full of inspiration from all over the world.

I took a Copic markers class at my local scrap store a few months back, love them, haven't created a thing. I see lots of cutesy things being made with the markers, but I am not cutesy. I am vintage, I am second guessing myself on these markers. I want to use them so bad, but are they really for me?

Well I do have an appointment at the dentist later today so maybe that will help, somehow I doubt that. Maybe my problem is Olympic fever, 17 days of fun, bam and it is over. Where ever my muse has run off to, hope she comes back soon!

And look what I received in the mail just because she is the sweetest person. Nancy Donaldson from All Pulped Out an encaustic painting that is so beautiful and full of texture. Nancy made tons of these and the most beautiful cards and sent them out. Be sure to check out her blog.
Thanks so much Nancy, I love this.