Monday, June 28, 2010

Soap Box Challenge

I had so much fun creating for the soap box challenge. I didn't go silly and turn this cute little soap box into anything very creative, just simply collaged it. I painted the box, antiqued it and added some sparklies. Then I covered it with clear gloss glaze, made a collage for the lid, a bit of glitter glue and added a clasp. I like the way it turned out. Had to take my photos at night so they aren't perfect, funny how the light changes things at night.

These are the true colors of the box.

Different angle.

Taken at the same time in a different spot, weird how the colors are so different.

And yet another shade.

A big huge thanks to Lisa for coming up with this brilliant idea and sending me the soap box as it wasn't available in Canada. I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful boxes everyone has created. Be sure to visit Lisa's blog  to see all the fun and creative boxes  and all of Lisa's awesome art, this girl is so creative and fun!!!

Thanks for taking a peek!

I think I am finally caught up on all the challenges, just have to get around to visiting the rest of the blogs for Where Bloggers Create and the Sorority Sisters... It has been great seeing all the creative spaces and meeting all the sorority sisters so far, have a long ways to go though. I haven't even been checking my dashboard for posts, scared if I go there I will never get to everyone.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority...Come Join The Fun

Well today is the official gathering of the Bloggerette Sorority, a fun new blogging spot to meet new friends, artists and just plain have fun. A big thanks to Karen for having such a brilliant idea so we could meet like minded bloggers. Be sure to check out Karen's blog, just hit the Bloggerette Sorority button on my sidebar and you will be there.

Karen asked us to create something, anything that we wished for our first party but we had to use the photo from the blog button. I have been very busy and wasn't sure if I was going to get the first project done, but I kept plugging away and playing whenever I found the time. I decided to make a cover for a journal where I could keep track of this and that, a sort of what's happening journal in blogland. Here is the finished product, hope you like it.

I have to send out a big apology to all my blogging friends as I haven't been able to keep up this past week, so if I haven't checked in on you I want you to know I haven't forgot about you. I am going to be very busy for another week or so then I should be able to visit all my fav places. I also joined in on Where Blogger's Create II, oh my gosh it is fun visiting everyone's creative spaces. So much eye candy and great idea's. I am not even a quarter of the way through the list but I am going to visit each and everyone of the fabulous blogs. Time consuming, YES!!!! Fun, YES!!!

I will also be touring all the blogs listed to play in the Bloggerette Sorority, it may take some time to get it accomplished, but I will get there.

Have a great weekend,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II

Hi Everyone! I am happy and excited to be joining in on Karen's second Where Bloggers Create Party. I would like to thank Karen for all of her hard work and inspiration to get the party started. I am sure she must have been very over~whelmed with the huge response and it must have been very time consuming getting everything organized. Thank you so much Karen, you are a very sweet and special person.

As most of you know I am a huge fan of vintage things. A girl can never have too much vintage STUFF as far as I am concerned. I have been playing around with mixed media for quite a few years now and it all started with Artist Trading Cards (atc's). I got so excited when I first heard about them and once I found where I could purchase the book put out by Somerset Studio in Canada my husband was on a mission. Poor guy, I hate driving in the city and that is the only place I could find it online so off we went. He is really such a sweetie when it comes to things like that, especially if I make a deal that we can stop off at Golf Town. I have to tell you that I studied that book and studied that book and was in complete awe. I have met so many kind and wonderful artists and friends through the mixed media world and have collected thousands of atcs. I often will get one of my binders out on a rainy day and take each and everyone out of the pocket and touch them and simply just behold all the inspiration and beauty found between the pages. I also love art journals and have done many round robins with other artists and have beautiful books that are true treasures to me. I am sure that everyone that has traded atc's or made pages for my books have to believe that I have a one track mind as my only requests are normally vintage and children. I love all vintage children images and never seem to tire of them. Thus, my creative space full of magazines, books, glues, linens, suitcases, basket, images, paints, papers, embellishments, lace, ribbons, all things I love. I spend numerous hours in my own creative space and it fills my heart with happiness every time I enter. It is fun, it is unique and it is mine. I hope you enjoy stopping in for a visit and sharing with me. I look forward to stopping by and meeting all of you in what has to be our favorite room in our home, the room where our minds go wild and we simply create and are surrounded by our own creations and the creations of all our beautiful art and blogger friends.

Inspiration shelf in my wall unit.

More beauties on computer desk shelf.

Still at computer desk.

Hmmmm. Computer desk never ends with beauty. Thank goodness, as I sit here alot.

This is a fun vine wreath hanging above my table. In the background you can see my messy shelves, but they are full of inspiration.

Some linens, jello moulds, and my Stone Angels journal from one of our round robins. Love this book.

This has to be one of my fav corner's in the room. Suitcases, lace, linen, stamps, trunks and beautiful art.

A few of my fav atc's.

Lots of beautiful direct sunlight.

I adore this ledger that I got at an auction a few years ago. It is from 1898 and has a gorgeous leather cover and the writing inside is amazing. I had the bright idea of buying it and ripping the pages out, but when I got it home that was a big no, no..

A close~up of the writing.

A few old books, don't you just love old books, never tire of those and a few other bits and bobs.

This is the bottom of my necklace tree. I love this thing, full of rhinestones and sparklies. I found it in my local grocers three years ago at Christmas and it is perfect for hanging jewelry.

Okay!! Don't laugh at my shelves cluttered and sagging. Those darned books are so heavy. The cabinet with the little sections is the handiess thing ever. It has four sections, two sides deep, two sides not so much. I found this thing in a local shop that was changing shelves and got it for a song. It rotates and it stores so much stuff, not sure what I done without it. We realized when we went to pick it up, why the price was so cheap, heavy, heavy...LOL...See my doggies in their party hats on the top shelf, aren't they sweet. My bestest artist friend ever Caryl you can check her out here drew my babies for me for my husband for Christmas a few years ago. I knew she could draw, but I was amazed when it arrived in the mail. She nailed it, all from sending her a silly picture of each of them by email. The best part of this whole blogging world is getting to share with so many like minded people and even getting to meet them. I have been lucky enough to spend time with Caryl, twice on Paper Whimsy art retreats and I can't begin to explain how it makes me feel to have such a kindred spirit to share with.

Play misty for the spritz and mist.

don't yah love playing with the distress crackle paint?

Golden paints, a staple.

A shelf on one of  my cabinets, with art from another great friend of mine.
Frieda lives in the UK and makes the most amazing quilts. She is a true joy to know, I just love her and would so like to meet her some day. We swap atc's monthly, four of us in the group and it is always amazing when her beautiful cards arrive at my door.

Suitcases, hat box, and my initials.

My sweet angel that my daughter gave me at Christmas.

                                            Here is a close~up of the necklace tree..FUN!!

Paper dolls anyone! I also have my True Colors book out with this bunch and it has to be my all time fav book, ever.

                                               A tussie from a friend and one of my collages.

                                                             Everyone needs a few nests!!!

A few special trinkets.

                                                A few of my fat books from various swaps.

The shoulder of my Miss Eliza.

Miss Eliza spending time with me in our creative space.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me as much as I have enjoyed sharing with you.
Be sure to check out all the beautiful studios and creative spaces of all the talented people that have joined the party here Again, thanks for letting me join in the fun Karen!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Skinny pages for my RR partner

Gosh, I am so late with these. I have been a bad swapper. You know the deal, taking on to many projects, trying to keep up and bam you are late. I have finally finished my pages for Karen's skinny book which were due the end of May!!! Karen's theme is Grandma's Attic. I made digital pages this month, so fun to play with photoshop. I have lots to learn, but I really enjoy messing around in there..Thanks for the beautiful image Elizabeth!

I am also trying to get ready for Karen at My Desert Cottage fun party that is starting this Saturday Where Blogger's Create II. I can hardly wait to see all the awesome creative spaces out there. I haven't been having a good time with this as I realize I hate the color of my walls and my floors so need to be replaced..SIGH!!! What is up with that wall color anyway. It just looks horrible in the pics, but they are actually nice in real. I am going to have to get painting when I am off in the fall..Just another project to add to the list, always something to do..

I also need to get my collage done for the Bloggers Soroity!!!! Over at another Karen's, Some Days are Diamonds.

And then I had better get my butt in gear and get my soap box created for Lisa's fun challeng over at Tattered and Tarnished.

See what I'm sayin' the girl just doesn't know when to say no...I love being under pressure, brings out the best in me..All links are on my sidebar. Whatcha waitin' for, there is lots of time to get everything accomplished.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Summertime Journal Arrived, oh my it is so incredible.

Remember my post about the Summertime Journal that Pam hosted,  well my package arrived from my partner and it is so incredible and unique! I am totally in awe of it. Trust me the photos do not do this treasure any justice, wish you could see it in real.

Okay ready for all things pretty, here we go

Look what I found when I opened the box.

Isn't it wonderful, beautifully wrapped in Avery's fav color of seaglass silk, not sure why the pic didn't show the true color but you will see it below, with the yummy vintage lace and button.

Here is the awesome box cover that holds my journal, the cover slides off so gorgeous and this is the true color of the silk wrapping.

Don't you love the quote, so true!

Look what I found when I took the cover off. Well the ribbon was tied, but I like it dangling for the pic and look at all her beautiful embellisments and beading.

A Close-up

This is the back page that is attached to the box, the journal is in the box, never to be unattached, it is just so beautiful and unique, see the sewing, the feather and the sweet pocket.

next page, every page has a pocket, embellished with beautiful old buttons and eggs.

more pages and pockets.

I love the paper that she used, this last page is full of paper, stamped with the birdie for me to write on.

EEK!!! The back is amazing, I love it. See the bottom of the box. Isn't it odd that we both love white, off white, the color of seaglass, pretty ribbons, vintage lace, beautiful handmade necklaces, all things vintage and I find it really weird that both of our journals are accordian style. Hmmmm!!!! The perfect match.

Here is the complete back, oh so pretty.

Now let's go back to a close-up of the first pocket page I showed you. Can you believe that Avery made me this gorgeous necklace and put it in the pocket. Oh my gosh, it is just incredible. She had sent me a few photos of her work and I was swooning over it. I never imagined that I would actually get a piece in my journal! What a treasure. Look at the setting it is just amazing! I am not sure if Avery has an Etsy shop or not, I think she just sells at little shops. Will have to find out.

Tag out of pocket holding this precious piece.

And look, she even sent me this Calligraphy set to write in my journal with. I have always wanted to do Calligraphy but never tried it, now I have no excuse.

I am a lucky, lucky girl! I am so happy I joined Pam's swap and got to meet Avery. She has incredible talent and is such a dear, sweet lady. Avery, we need you to start that blog so all of us can share in your amazing talent. Thank you so much for blessing me with these beautiful treasures.