Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another week was here and gone!!!

My goodness I do not know where the time goes around here. Seems like I was just as happy as could be as my days off roled around and here it is late Saturday and back to work tomorrow. BLAH!!!! I stayed up late on Thursday night so I could get everything done around the house and have Friday and Saturday to play but that never seems to work out. LOL... I am already on the count down of weeks left to work and I am sure it is 15. Isn't that sad when one would be on the count down for fall to arrive and the end of October to get here so she can stay home and have lots of art time. Geesh...

I didn't have time to get my glue and paper out this weekend but wanted to get something accomplished so I sat down and messed around in photoshop. I am not sure where this even came from because I really didn't have anything in mind except to play. I knew I wanted to use the doll head and that is all I knew. So I guess it has ended up as just one of those days. It is fun to play with photoshop as there isn't a huge mess to clean up when your playing comes to an end.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Summer!!!

I can't believe I am actually posting. It has been such a busy and hot, hot summer for me. I haven't really been able to do any fun things for a few weeks and haven't been feeling well all this week, slowly getting back to normal today. I am way behind on everything to do with my blog. I have made up my mind that I am going to visit each and everyone that joined WWC and the Sorority Girls, so if I haven't made it to your blog yet I will eventually get there. I only have a couple hundred to I will get there. I have been trying to catch up on all my past due things today, maybe that will make me feel lots better. I enrolled in the Digital Magic Class and haven't had time to do one lesson yet. I think lesson 5 is going to be posted tomorrow but I will eventually make it to class also. I was to have Caryl's Essence of Dreams pages done in June and finally completed them today, so that makes me happy. She will forgive me though, as she knows I am way behind on things and she loves me. Caryl do you still love me?????

It has been well into the 100's for most of this week with the humidex and I am totally sick of it. This is far hotter than we are used too and I am hoping it moves out and stays out for the rest of the summer. Not a huge summer fan to begin with, love fall!!!

I will share my Dream pages for Caryl with you as they have been posted on the group site. Sorry to be so far behind on visiting all of you, next week should catch me up and I will be back to normal. Hope I haven't missed too much.