Sunday, May 30, 2010

flowers are bursting with color & more of the treasures

The flowers are screaming with color, oh how I love them, so new, bright and full of beauty.

This is called a passion flower, I have never had one before but the flowers are incredible.

I will take a pic when it flowers.

I had a chance to snap more photos of my treasures from the old house, they are filling my heart and home with total yumminess! I have the funniest feeling that the ladies of the house are smiling down at all of us with so much happiness that not one or two people, but many can share in the delight of their treasures. Fun, eh!!!
Maybe it is worth all the trouble we go too, to preserve our treasures and have someone to love them when we are gone and share with the world.

I have to share a story with you. My daughter came over last Friday and we had so much fun going through the bags and boxes of clothing. She is a real vintage clothing freak. It was like Christmas morning for her. I had been through what I let her go through already and I knew exactly how she was going to react. LOL...I was right, just like Christmas, tear, move on to the next gift, try it on, get it off, need the next one. I was playing the spoiler though, she would try something on and run into our bedroom to see how she looked..I would have the next piece out and would never let her get ahead of me. She so wanted to just dig to the bottom, but nope, not allowed, have to handle with care. We spent about 1 1/2 up there just laughing and giggling and twirling about. She tried on all the hats  and made me smile, she has beautiful long thick hair and the hats looked gorgeous on her.

Don't you just love this old suitcase? I think it is so awesome.

All these goodies were dangling from the inside when I opened it.

And away we go! I have washed and pressed all these linens, and decided to store them in the suitcase.

Check out this gorgeous, gorgeous hat. I think it is incredible. Can you imagine wearing this, so cool.

It really is a thing of beauty.

Looks pretty darned good on her..Wouldn't look that good on me with my short hair.

This hat is really pretty also.

I wish I had of lived in the hat age.


This is a black velvet band.

I am telling you that I love, love this dress, it is simply gorgeous.

Check out the sleeves. It is in perfect condition.

I think I am going to get it cleaned and wear it to a wedding we have in the fall, what do ya'll think?

A beautiful old book.

gorgeous bits and yards of old lace. YUM!!!!

Lots and lots of gloves, the girls had very tiny hands though.

More beautiful linens.

And more. I will be forever and a day getting through all the bags of linens and doilies and hankies.

Isn't this pretty!

Just had to snap a photo or two of my big ole black dog, Colby. He is now 12 and brings so much joy and happiness to my world every day. I love this guy to pieces. The other two babies just did not have time for me to be snapping pics of them. They would rather run around and see what kind of trouble they can get into. LOL...
He is just the picture of sweetness.

And such a good boy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Time Journal Swap, Bunny is Growing & A Beautiful Mail Package

I am slowly trying to get caught up! I have to be completely nuts to take on  too many projects when I am working. Sometimes they just sound too good to turn down. LOL...I have been busy the past month working on a Summer Time Journal Swap that Pam from Frippery is hosting. I will share a couple of peeks with you as today is the mailing date. I was paired up with Avery, she is a lovely lady, she hasn't had time to jump on the blog scene but is hoping to in the near future so I will be sharing my completed journal and the journal I receive  in the next few weeks. It was so sweet of Pam to host this awesome project, be sure to stop by and visit her here:

Also my sweet bunny is getting big, love this little guy! Isn't he cute?

And I received a wonderful package in the mail last week from Tina of Tiny Bear her work is so gorgeous and I am thrilled too have a few treasures from her shop.

This pocket is gorgeous!!!!

filled with beautiful goodies.

love this sweet tag book, so pretty.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Blog Win from the sweetest girl ever and a few of my found treasures...

This is going to be long and lots of pics. I have to be one of the luckiest girls in the world. A few weeks back I was notified by sweet Jodie that I had won her SA-Van-Nah blog giveaway. This girl is smart...I had been soaking in each and every post of her beautiful getaway never dreaming that I would win her giveaway. After her second post she said there would be a giveaway for her followers when she was done showing all of her wonderful pics from her fun weekend. There is no way I wasn't going to see and read every single post, I mean this was an amazing time and she takes the most gorgeous photos and the girl can tell a story. I think most of my followers know Jodie but if you don't go take a peek at her blog.
She is an amazing artist and she is so kind and sweet. I have been following her for quite some time now and she is one of my most favorite places to visit. She is a keeper and I am thrilled and honored to know her. Thank you for being you Jodie, love you girl!!!

Now for the giveaway! SIGH!!!! This was truly a beautiful package that she has shared with me, a little bit crazy this girl is sending all these beautiful things my way, but from what I know of her this is the way it

Look at this pretty package.

I can hardly wait for some time later tonight to pour through this awesome book, it is beautiful.

And look, Jodie even had it signed by Jo Packham, can you believe!!!!

three beautiful cd's from Jodie's collection, amazing.

Look at all these treasures!

The lace and ribbon is so yummy!!!

Jodie's sweet note card.

More treasures and isn't that calendar the sweetest, love it.

And checkout this awesome Buttons card that Jodie made, oh my gosh how I adore it.

Beautiful, beautiful...told you she was crazy, what a beautiful package to have land in my mail box.

Now I am going to share a few of my treasures from the bin diving..That just doesn't sound right does it..bin diving.. I have to tell you that I didn't have to go into the bin, but the bin is sitting there. They cleared out a room and are setting the STUFF in the room that was headed for the bin, they call it the DEBBY room..Jenn was laughing the last day I saw her at work because her dad gave me a room.. I have to tell you that this is going to take me months to get through and I have now set up one of my spare rooms for all the treasures and I will slowly share with you. I so wish this would have happened in the winter when I would have had months to play with everything, but I am back to work full time and it will be a slow go from here. I want to take my time and get everything cleaned up and pretty for you all to see and there are bags and bags and boxes and boxes of all the things we love. I often find myself with tears in my eyes and wishing I would have had the opportunity of knowing these sweet ladies. But I am pretty sure they are watching over me as I go on this wonderful adventure.

Isn't this train case amazing and in perfect condition.

It even has the little tray and mirror.

Wait until you see what is inside this hat box. Oh my!!!

eek!!!! there it is, one of the most gorgeous hats ever.

Aren't the flowers amazing.

And the satin is just so yummy.

I love this vintage beauty, the tag says made by Boutique-New York, Montreal!

Look at these gorgeous pink gloves!

And the mauve ones are just incredible.

Linen anyone!

This is just a small sampling of what is to come, I have never seen so many beautiful linens.

This one is really pretty, not a great pic though.

A sweet little cotton quiltie..

You have to see this sweater. I think it is the most gorgeous sweater I have ever seen.

Oh so beautiful.

In perfect condition.

Knitted in Japan. 70% lambswool, 20% rabbit angora, 10% nylon and hand decorated in Hong Kong.