Friday, May 20, 2011

We had some sunshine amongst the clouds today!

Finally some sun mixed in with the clouds and showers today. It is still quite cool, but was great to see the sun, fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow as the weather dude is telling us. We will then have 8 days with rain. Does it ever end. We had quite a few people out and about today downtown so that was nice to see a flurry of activity. I decided to take some pics of the shop so I am going to share with my blogger friends.

Have a  great Victoria Day weekend! Stay safe as the roads will be so busy.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Happy Saturday! Finally we had a beautiful, warm and summery day yesterday. Guess we forgot spring and are jumping right into summer around here. I spent the afternoon totally re-arranging the shop. So many things have been sold that it was time to get everything back in order. We put out lots of yummy goodies for the mixed media artist and I had a whole box of beautiful baby clothes brought in a few days before so we got those all out and arranged. All the clothes still had the tags on them, it is totally amazing the items we get in that have the original tags. I guess we all do that. Makes me happy to know I am not the only one. We are also expecting a fun order from Papaya next week, fingers crossed that will arrive and there are lots of cool bags/purses arriving in that shipment. Stop by and check us out if you are in the area, we have a little something for everyone. If nothing more it is a fun browsing experience.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things are busy at The Gathering Nest!

Happy Saturday to all! We have been overwhelmed by all the fun and exciting things happening at the nest. We opened our doors on Monday and it has been fun and exciting for our first 5 days. We have had so many wonderful customers browsing and shopping and lots of great feedback. Everyone thinks our little shop and very unique and full of lots of awesome goodies. We are over the moon with the feedback. I have been trying to keep up but it is impossible for me, my daughter and my niece have been running in to help me and I feel very blessed to have them. Tons of awesome clothes arriving daily and me being me thought it was going to be a breeze to play with them, dress them up and take photos but it is not such a breeze as I keep running out of time. My niece finally convinced me yesterday that it just wasn't going to happen. LOL...I do have a few pics of things that arrived so I will share them with you. Have a great weekend.

This suit is absolutely gorgeous, so wish I was a size 8.

Prom anyone! Gorgeous, gorgeous.

Another beautiful dress with awesome embellishing.

Fun, funky and bright.

Summer fun!

Love this cute little outfit!

Cute little boys shirts.