Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wait Until You See What Arrived in my Mail!!!!!

I am such a lucky girl! I am really a lucky girl because I decided to be a blogging girl!!!! I love our sweet little world. Who would have ever thought that when I started this silly blog a year ago that I would have connected with all my special blogging friends. Who wants to read what I have on here...HUH!!! Seriously!!!! Somebody wants to? I think they do, because somehow I have 330 sweet peeps following me...ME...hehehe..I am so happy!!! I have my kind of art lovin' peeps, you know, the peeps that get what you are doing. I have my sweet vintage peeps, those girls make me so jealous looking at their beautiful homes and decorating tips! YIKES!!!! Those peeps can get me in all kinds of trouble, good trouble. How about the PEEPS that go all over meeting each other? REALLY JEALOUS!!!! I might be jealous, but I feel a real connection to each and everyone of you and I wish you could see the huge smiles you bring to my face when I am reading your posts. I wish you could see the tears and the saddness in my heart when you have a sad story to share with me. I feel like I know you all like a best buddie and love sharing my time with you.

I have something special to share with you today. Another blogging thing! How many people do you know that isn't in the blogging world that would have a package sent to them after writing a few words on someone's blog when entering a giveaway, nobody does that, are you nuts. Nobody but our blogging buddies that is.
I entered a giveaway a while back and got an email that I was the lucky winner of this

Isn't she beautiful, honestly you cannot see how beautiful she really is in pictures, she is amazing! I could hardly wait for her to arrive when I found out I won her. Her name is Rose Girl, she is amazing and so is the artist that painted her. Her name is Diane and she is so sweet, kind, beautiful and such a special lady. Stop by Diane's blog for a visit, trust me you won't be sorry, she is over~flowing with talent.

So what do you think, pretty special eh! My package arrived on Monday, big huge box and I am thinking what the heck, this says it is from Diane but the package is HUGE!!!! LOL...That sweet girl not only sent my prize from her giveaway but so many beautiful little treasures along with it and the sweetest note card thanking me for entering her giveaway and encouraging her on her blog. Geesh, I couldn't believe it. I mean really this talented artist thanking me for leaving a message on her blog with a piece of her gorgeous art and then all these extras. Something is wrong here, I am the one that needs to thank her BIG TIME!!! Of course I emailed Diane and thanked her but I will thank her again today. Diane I can't thanked you enough for the beautiful treasures and gorgeous painting you have sent me to fill my house and home with all things I love. You are a very talented artist and a beautiful friend. I am happy to have you along on my journey. You are a true treasure.

Also, it is like wild kingdom week around here look at the sweet bunny I found in my backyard yesterday and this goofy black cat that I found up in the tree at the same time. I do not have cats, I have my doggies. I called my neighbor because they have cats and he got up and got GOOFY out of the tree. Come to find out it wasn't that neighbor's cat, but the neighbor across the street was the owner. BAD KITTY crossing the road!

Isn't he the sweetest little thang! So darned cute.

Goofy cat! Screaming like a mad man up in the tree.

Goofy cat better not have been trying to hunt down bunny, he will get in a lot of trouble.

I am going to try and get pics taken and a post done on my sale finds from last weekend. It seems to be so busy around here just can't get things accomplished. My sweet nephew called me yesterday, he lives about four hours away and told me he was driving down today and wanted to stop by and visit his auntie..hehehe..I asked him to join me for dinner so I am really looking forward to his visit as I haven't seen him for some time. I can remember when he was little, the sweetest little baby with the most beautiful curly red hair and I would take him everywhere with me, loved him to pieces. I can hardly wait to give him a big ole smooch!!!


peggy gatto said...

Lucky you!!!
Love your nature photos!!!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Debby!
What a gorgeous work of art! I can see why you're thrilled, I would be, too. :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Rhonda said...

You said exactly how I feel about our blogging group. Everyone and I mean everyone is so nice. You are so right, to get a package like you got is darn exciting and I really like sending them, so that is why I do my French Fridays. If I can make one person happy for one day, I feel good!

Lovely giveaway and you deserve everything you get, sweet Debby.

Sue said...

Bloggers are fabulous! I love how connections/friendships can be made even when we don't know the person in "real life". Your picture and box of goodies are wonderful!

LOL at goofy cat and 'awwwwwwwww' at your cute little bunny!



Faerie Moon Creations said...

Congratulations on winning that lovely painting!!! :) You found that adorable, sweet bunny in your yard??? What a dear cutie. Do you think the cat was afraid of the bunny??? Now that would be a riot! LOL Theresa

Jo said...

What a lovely post! What a wonderful blog prize, you will soooo enjoy it. Cute bunny, silly kitty!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful post - love your treasures - and the photos of your backyard creatures are delightful!

I won several giveaways during OWOH - and, unfortuantely, they didn't include their names, or blogs, or email address - and I forgot who I won them from! SO I can't thank them. I feel badly.

What a terrific array of goodies came with you art prize!

Terri Kahrs said...

The generosity and kindness in Blogland is amazing! Enjoy your treasures!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Mari said...


sissie said...

The only word I can think of to describe bloggers is, beautiful.

Beautiful in everyway.

Your artwork is amazing. I love it. What a sweet gift and all the little goodies included.

Love the bunny and the kitty too.
I'm glad kitty was rescued.



Chriss Rollins said...

Rose Girl is truely beautiful.


chriss x

Deborah said...

Hi Debby, I will have to go check Diane out. That painting is fabulous. It is so nice when someone sends you a gift just because...
I love those dolls too. They are definitely novelties to me.

Claudia said...

What an amazing giveaway win! Congratulations! Love the bunny - we have them in our yard,too. They are so sweet!


Marlynn said...

WOW - you have certainly been livin' right - I guess your wayward Muse did get you shaped up. LUCKY you... and you are so right - Diane is such a sweetie! A really great gal. I love her faces. OH, I entered that same give-away- are you sure Diane sent it to the correct address? Huh? Huh? Great post and I love the critters in your back yard.... I bet kitty was chasing bunny and probably bunny wiggled his ears and up the tree went kitty! hugs,

trudi said...

Aw, Debby - you said it so well - I am very moved by your comments and see the truth in them every week!
Love your Goofy/Bunny story and photos - I remember when we first met here how your dog took off chasing...a bunny wasn't it? I wonder, I know, the bunny was probably a relative of the other....after all, we are ALL a part of one and other.

Lori said...

Debby, what a gorgeous package you received in the mail...Diane spoiled you for sure!!! i love that sweet bunny you had vising in your yard...what a cutie!!!

Melinda Cornish said...

the painting is beautiful...blogworld is amazing, I agree...I love the little bunny!

Beth Adams said...

You described how I feel about my new found blog friends to a tee! I understand exactly, it is so nice to have great friends that have the same likes as you do and are willing to share their ideas. I'm on my way to see the new blog. Great win! God Bless.

sharon said...

I am with you Debbie on the blog thing, generosity , caring, kindness, is all here, and I am forever grateful to all of you! Congrat's on your beautiful gifts!!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Wow...that is gorgeous! Lucky you!

Sares said...

She is gorgeous! Congratulation on winning something so beautiful! Adorable little bunny too. Have fun with your nephew, does he still have the red hair?!

Diane said...

Debby, your so sweet with your post. And I know what you mean about everyone out there--becoming friends. I love how you photographed everything too :D

Terri Smith said...

Ahh Debby..congratulations on the win! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And so is your site! Love popping over here. You are so upbeat and happy..and it's like a breath of fresh air and sunshine for me each time I drop by!

And don't even get me started with how great your photos are! I don't have a talent for photographing and it's something I'm working on to improve.

Hey..and I know precisely what you're getting at when you spoke of blogging. Never in a hundred years did I ever imagine myself doing this..but its turned out to be the highlight of my computer time! Meeting some of the most fabulous people!

Here's hoping you and the ones you love, have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, Joy & Thursday Sunshine, Terri

P.S. I'll definitely be checking out Diane Salter's site. Thanks for the shout-out!

The Victorian Parlor said...


Visitng your blog is always such a blessing! Your energy and excitement just seem to come through the computer! I agree with what you said about blogging. Many of my friends don't understand how I get so attached to people I have never met face to face. But I do get attached and I have many blogland buddies I am proud to call good friends! The gifts you won are fabulous-congrats you lucky thing:)!



Paula said...

Hi sweet Debby,
What a lovely post! You expressed yourself beautifully! I know exactly what you mean about blogging friends! I met my dearest and best friend through blogging and many other dear, sweet friends too! I love our sweet world too, it is a blessing!!! I love the beautiful painting!!! She is so gorgeous!!! I love her name too, Rose Girl! Diane is a talented and generous artist! I love all of the beautiful treasures she sent you! What fun you will have with all of it!

Oh, that bunny is the sweetest thing! I look forward to seeing your finds! I hope you enjoyed diner with your nephew! Love, Paula

Jonny J Petros said...

Hi Debby, Beautiful post. Congratulations on your win, I had a feeling when I signed up Diane would send many beautiful extras I love this painting too, she is always an inspiration I love her thought process in her work everything is vivid and gorgeous she does.Your bunny that came to visit is the cutest, I get a lot here in my yard everyday and I run out to get my pictures.Thank you also for stopping by to visit.Sincerely, Jonny

Nora Johnson said...

Congrats on yr win! Really love the bunny!

Hope you're having a great week!



Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hi Debby, Thanks for the visit today. I sure do hope Kitty did not get that cutie of a bunny. Have a good day...Julian

Deirdra Doan said...

You are blessed...and I am so happy for you! blogging friends are so dear and so are you! Thanks for your visits and comments to me.

ArtSnark said...

Wow - what a wonderful prize + extras! Love the photos of your backyard visitors too

Dawn said...

Well HOW LUCKY ARE YOU INDEED!!! As someone who has just recently come across Diane I agree SHE IS ONE TALENTED Lady, I have to say her blog moves me so much - I love her style and think she is AMAZING....

So CONGRATULATIONS and hey I have to say that your words about blogging are so, so true - I really don't know what I would do without blogland now, I have been blessed, like you, to connect with so many wonderful people.
To think, you and I would not be reading each others blog without this wonderful's to many more connections Big Hugs Debby and THANK YOU for your wonderful comments on my blog LOVE YA!

Lucys Baby said...

Oh Debby, I love the rose art, it's gorgeous, I'm gonna have to visit her. Great blog, love the bad kitty crossing the road comment. You're funny!

Riki Schumacher said...

Wow, good for you. The art work is wonderful, and the goodies amazing!! Way to go. Riki

vintagesusie & wings said...

You are such a LUCKY GIRL, I adore your sweet painting, what a lovely face she has!!! I do feel blessed that I found the blogging world, who would have ever imaged it would be filled with such magic!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Lynn and you make wonderful swap partners ... your lovely art and generous special gifties!