Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Honey, Your Home!!!!

Oh my gosh, remember a month or so ago we were debating whether to sell our house in the country and buy a smaller home in town? Well, we decided that wouldn't be the thing for us to do at the moment as we love our big ole house in the country. That being said I decided I was going to start decorating the rooms upstairs that I haven't touched since we moved in. It was so much fun when we bought the house eight years ago and the kids and the grandchildren came for their first visit. Our son and daughter decided on which rooms they would call theirs, not that our son had much choice as our daughter seems to be the boss of the two, he is oldest, but he must follow along with her not that either of them live with us, but we thought it would be fun for everyone to have their own rooms when they decided to stay over for Christmas Eve and any other time they wanted to. Our granddaughter and grandson also got to pick their own rooms too, of course the pink one was for Alexandra, not much of a choice there and the one in blue was all for Dylan. Actually, Dylan really, really wanted Uncle Tommy's room because it had a secret doorway to the attic but I ended that in a hurry. MEan GRANNY!!!! Anyways I haven't done a thing with any of the bedrooms upstairs except ours and now that we have decided to stay here it is time to move along.

Today I decided to start ripping the blue room apart. OOPS!!!! Wait until hubby gets home, he isn't going to be happy!!! LOL...Well come to think of it, I am not all that happy!!!! I am telling you, the lady that owned this house before us loved wallpaper, wallpaper everything. I have gotten rid of all the wallpaper downstairs, but I am in a mess on my first room upstairs. The four bedrooms, other than ours is what we call the really, really old part of the house. This lady has beige paint, then a coat of blue paint, I have found green paint on the start of the next wall, a layer of wallpaper, a different layer of wallpaper and oh yes, we mustn't forget about the two different border layers..I am sure you can tell that I am real happy here. I have got one small, very small wall done, only took me 3 hours, yep I am happy. You have to believe me here the layers of paint and wallpaper are not the worst things I found on this wall, here check it out for yourself

Oh, look what I found!

Is there like an end to this beauty?

OH Yeah!!!! There is an end!

oh look, more pretty colors and paper!

I cannot believe that someone would actually fix a wall, but not fix a wall...are we in that big of a hurry people. I am in a huge mess and just wait until THOMAS gets home. He has found so many goofy things that the previous owners have done to this house and for the most part flips when he finds something and I just keep telling him that they couldn't help it, they just aren't that bright so RELAX!!!! Wonder what he is going to be thinking when he sees this beauty?

I did end up having a great day when the messy part of it was over. I joined the Tussie Mussie swap over at A Swap for All Seasons and my package arrived in the mail today! I am over the moon with this beauty, wait until you see what my partner made and sent me. Here is just a sneak peek and I will blog about it tomorrw.


TinyBear said...

looks like a lot of hard oin that room Debby - I´m sure it´s gonna be great.
Can´t wait to see your Tussie Mussie - the sneak peek looks great though.
xo Tina

Terri Kahrs said...

You've got more than your hands full with this project, Debby! Seriously, I don't envy your wallpaper stripping job. I don't mind painting; but wallpaper removal is another story. Hmmmmm . . . . the tussie mussie peek looks soooo gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Terri said...

You are in for it now! I have been in the same place (different husband and different house!), and I began tearing wallpaper off a wall and ....ooops, that part of the wall fell down! Old houses indeed have many surprises.

But it is exciting, starting on a room and imagining what it is going to look like. That part is fun : )

Best of luck with your new project.

Healing Woman said...

Could there be a window behind that frame? If so, how wonderful..extra light.

Jan said...

You are a brave woman on many counts...
1. removing wallpaper by yourself
2. not telling Tom until he gets home (lol)
3. 3 hours of time spent
OK...I'm really jealous. I love to do this kinda stuff and woulda done the same thing!!!!! :)
I love your home (from the pictues I have seen) and how nice that you are staying there. It is in the perfect location and with all your "stuff" (and I know you have STUFF) it hold it all perfectly!
Keep us abreast of your re-model and I'd like the pink room (or whatever it will be) when I come to see you!!!! LOL

sissie said...

Oh girl, I do feel for you. What a job! I have a feeling though that all the hard work will pay off and your rooms will be beautiful. I know you can't wait to get to the fun part of decorating.
I can't wait to see.


Lori said...

Debby, oh my!!! you really have your work cut out for you many layers...when we bought our old farmhouse, there were a ton of layers of paint on the hardwood floors...the walls weren't anything like what you have going on though...thank goodness...good luck with all that work:)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I did that three years ago - stripped all the wallpaper the previous owner had put up and had to repair some wall damage that had just been "packed" under the wallpaper to hold in place.
I cussed a lot.

But, when it's done, you'll be so happy!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Debby! Wow, what a project! Wishing you creative blessings on finishing it up! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! :)

Diane said...

Oooh, but think of the possibilites that room holds!! If your like me, it will take years to finish :)

Terri Smith said...

Oh my..looks like you have your work cut out for you. Can't wait to see the finished result. It'll be beautiful I'm sure.

Once removed paper from my kitchen walls, and experienced similar troubles. But in the end, it was sooo worth it. Ended up using a stucco technique and now the walls have the appearance of an old mission church. I love it.

Good Luck Sweet Debby!
Blessings, Joy and Thursday Sunshine, Terri

Debbies Doodle said...

oh my have i seen messes like that!! Keep up the good work..
and the package... how nice.. can not wait to see the rest of it..

Jacqueline said...

Debby has put her hands in motion and you are right, I'm anxious to hear what the hubby had to say! Good for you, you let ambition rule and unearthed a mess! Hugs to you on your go girl!
We recently made the choice to "stay put" in our home too. We know that the grass in not always greener on the other side and there's no place like home sweet home right now.
You and Debb are on an adventure on Jelly Bean and laughter and rest lives there!

Sea Witch said...

the best part about redeocrating old rooms in an old home are the hidden surprises. Can't wait to see what you do with it. SEa Witch

Lynn said...

Oh man, I remember walls like this in a duplex we owned which was built in the 1800's, tons of painted wallpaper , what a job it was but I was young then. This is why we opted to build a new home, but I tell you it is just as much work in a way.
I am so happy you decided to stay and just fix a few things up, if you are happy there, why not :)

friedaquilter said...

That looks like serious hard work, Debby!! Hope you're keeping chunks of the vintage wallpaper, never know when that might come in handy!You certainly deserved a treat in the shape of the Tussie Mussie after all that and it looks gorgeous!

Sue said...

I really think it is the bane of older homes to have 8 or more layers of wallpaper on the walls. We still have rooms to redo (after 20 years living here) and it is the thought of stripping all that wallpaper that has put us off.

LOL - love that window you found!


Sares said...

It looks like you have gotten yourself into a bit of a pickle! What a MESS they left you. However I am excited to see what the end results will be, if you EVER get through all that wallpaper!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ha ha! I too live in a house which is held together with wallpaper! Every time we take the wallpaper off to decorate, the wall falls down LOL! Kate