Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A teeny, tiny sampling of gifts we will be carrying at The Gathering Nest Gifts & Consignment

I was busy all day trying to photo a few of the gifts that we will be carrying at our new shop. I really enjoy doing this and never realized how time consuming it is. It is lots of fun though and so worth it. Hope you enjoy having a little sampling of some of the goodies we will be carrying! Back to work tomorrow so had to get my playing over with today... Thanks for looking...

Getting ready for Spring & Summer at The Gathering Nest Shop!

Hi everyone, thought I would share a few of the photos with you while we are getting ready to get them down to the shop for our opening May 2nd. There will be lots more to come!!!! Lots of hard work but I am having a great time getting ready!! Come on over and follow The Gathering Nest Gifts & Consignment on FaceBook! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/The-Gathering-Nest-Gifts-Consignment/205801016116541

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Starting down a new path and very, very EXCITED!!!

I am bursting with excitement!!! Tom and I have finally decided that the timing is perfect for the next step in our lives. I have been dreaming of opening a little gift and consignment shop for years and that is exactly what we are going to do.  I so love the name of my blog that we have decided to call our shop The Gathering Nest Gifts & Consignment. We have found the perfect space for the shop at 6 Clarence Street West, Port Colborne, ON Canada. It is so unique and simply perfect. I have the KEY!!!!! We are going to sell one of a kind, very unique gifts and plan on having tons of vintage everything..talk about YUMMY!!! I can hardly sleep at night trying to place everything in our space. We are also going to have fabulous clothes, excellent condition, that is 1 -2 years old and also vintage clothes in excellent condition on consignment. I have lots of people that seem to be very interested in that. I guess we all have those great items in our closet that we have worn once or twice and know that we will never wear it again, so we are happy to get something for them. I am also hoping to get some of my mixed media friends to send some of their things for the store, that will be so fun. Know what else is going to be fun??? Remember all those great vintage clothes that my sweet friend from work sent my way, well I am going to wear those in my shop. I am really, really excited about that. I was telling my hair dresser that and she looked at me and cracked up, she said Debby can you imagine the kids saying to their parents lets go to that store where that weird lady wears all those really weird clothes. Exactly, that is what I want, perfect for me. If that makes you remember my store I am a very happy girl...

We are in the heart of the tourist area in Port Colborne, so it is going to be great when spring really gets here and people start to come into town to capture the beauty of our town and shop our unique shops. The shop is going to be right by the bridge in downtown Port Colborne, so I am excited to put my counter in a spot where I will be able to see the ships going through the Welland Canal as they make there way out into Lake Erie..awesome...

I am adding a few pics of the store as it looks now and hoping to keep you updated as we get ready to open May 2nd.

The Gathering Nest Gifts & Consignment shop just waiting to be filled..

One of my awesome little display windows. Can hardly wait for this.

Check out the awesome ceiling, I love, love it....

And of course what is not to love about this??

If you are on facebook I would love it if you could go over and like us!!!!! That would be great. Here is the link: 



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It is going to be a beautiful day here today. YEAH!!!!! Warm and sunny. Wishing you all a nice St. Patty's Day! GO GREEN!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shades of White for Leslie

Hi everyone!!! Yep, still here. I have tons going on and will share with you when the time gets closer...EXCITED!!!! But for now I have finished my shades of white pages for Leslie's skinny book.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Off to get my hair cut, can hardly wait. Missed my last appointment and my hair is a total mess...LOL...