Friday, January 28, 2011

Turquoise & Copper for my ColorGroupies Friends..

I belong to a great group of 5 artists. Our group is called ColorGroupies and each month we make atc's from the colors that have been pre-determined for the year. January colors were turquoise & copper. All of my atc's have arrived to there destination so I can share here now.

I found myself feeling down because I came to the conclusion that I was spending way too much time on the internet and really not accomplishing things that I wanted to, including art. I have cut myself way back on internet time and am having lots of fun playing again. I actually had a great time making these atc's instead of feeling like it was something that I had to do because the month was coming to an end.. YAY ME!!!!!!

I bet we all have to reflect once in awhile about how best to use our time. I try to check on blog posts a few times a week now instead of making it a priority for hours everyday. I check in on FB early in the morning and never go back until the next morning. I like the freedom I have found in getting out and enjoying friends and family and doing things that are dear to my heart. I still love checking  my fav blogs, but I am now doing it on my terms and it isn't something that needs to happen to fulfill my day. Anyone else feel like this?

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Digital Fun!

Another snowy day here today. I can't believe where the time goes. I am suppose to be getting lots done while I am off work, but it just doesn't work out that

I have done a few atcs, and skinny pages for my art partners but aside from that not much art.

Here is a digital collage I made last week for fun!

All images are from Rebecca McQueen over at ScrapbookGraphics. I really like her stuff alot, fun to work with.

Hope everyone is keeping warm, it is freezing here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brrrr…it is really, really cold here today!

I have been in kind of in a slump the past week or so. I imagine it is getting over the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I am glad it is over but everything seems to come to a sudden halt. I have so many things I want to get accomplished and lots of ideas floating around in my head, but never seem to accomplish anything.

I am trying to put my projects in order today and hoping that will get me started at something. I bought a calendar template from Nathalie over at ScrapbookGraphics in early December and in the weeks leading up to Christmas I was slowly working away at creating a calendar pages in hopes of getting it completed for gifts. That didn’t happen, but I will get it completed and send a little surprise off to my sisters, as they won’t mind things being a little late.


Here is my January page for the calendar. I am making the pages 4x6 and they will slide into a holder that has a magnet on the back.

                                                         january calendar page final copy

I have used elements from Catherine Designs- Winter Retreat, Bisontine – Vintage Ephemra both at After 5 Designs. Elena – Frosted Whisper, Magical Reality – Winterlude both at PickleberryPop.