Friday, July 3, 2009

Postcard Scavenger Hunt #5 ~ Night / Lights & Happy 4th of July everyone!

I have added a few night/lights from my hometown Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada.

The romantic seaside setting of West Street, Port Colborne comes alive with tourists by the thousands during Canal Days every summer.

This image is from Canal Days, the Civic Holiday weekend in August. We always have a boat parade with Fireworks. The parade is led by Buffalo's 100 year old Fire~boat the "Edward M. Cotter" and is framed by spectacular fireworks.

All postcards were published and distributed by Thies Bogner MPA, FPPO (Master Photographer) Welland, Ontario.

Over at Postcardy's blog she issues a different challenge for each month. This month is Night/Lights and she wishes for each of us to post a card from where we live. This will make for an interesting challenge and it will be awesome to see all the pretty night lights come in from all over the world. Here is the link to add your card and play or view all the pretty cards that will be coming in for you to view.

Wishing everyone a blessed and beautiful 4th of July!


Lori R. said...

That aerial shot of Port Colborne is beautiful! Right on the water, the lights... and the other one with the ship spouting water, how neat it that! Happy Celebration in August...

Just Breathe said...

Those are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Splendid night shots of your town! I live in Ontario too, but am a west coast transplant who still has tons (understatement!) of the province to see, so I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Port Colborne (yet).

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog, I hope you have a terrific, relaxing weekend!

♥ Jessica

Anne Marie said...

what a really neat idea- that scav. hunt.....

thanks for stopping by today!
have a great weekend ;-)

Postcardy said...

thanks for participating. Those are especially interesting because they show an event.

Say It With Roses said...

How spectacular! I would love to see that and since it is only about four hours from here, maybe I will one day.
I always enjoy your blog!!!!

Say It With Roses said...

This is the second time I have tried to leave a just won't go thru. lol!

Your pictures are spectacular and I would love to see it in person. We are only about four hours away, I think, so maybe we will one day.

I always know you blog will be a wonderful read!

Lynn said...

Beautiful postcards of your town Debby, I am not sure now if I have ever even been there and I live so close LOL

debbie said...

Dear Debby,
awesome...I would love to be present for canal day....that would just be a memorable site.
Thank you for sharing those beautiful post cards. I collect postcards.
yes you are entered in the drawing with 4 tickets...that is why I wanted to give my initial followers 3 tickets..
Angel hugs

Candy said...

That does sound like fun, seeing the night lights from all around blogland.


Rosemary said...

Great postcards!
Fun challenge too!
Thank you, wish you could come to my party, you would love it!

Lynn said...

I might play the postcard game! I'll have to see if I can find a worthy post card before I sign up!

Deb said...

Gorgeous photos!

Laura Haviland said...

Fabulous Debby, I love Port Colborne.
Just lovely, thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Laura.
I love your blog.

Wonder Turquette said...

Very beautiful postcards! Especially the second one is gorgeous! Have a nice weekend!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What beautiful pictures you've shared with us of your town!! Just stunning at night!

Angelic Accents

friedaquilter said...

Port Colborne looks amazing in these pictures and the canal boat, spraying water with fireworks really caught my attention. What a wonderful way to celebrate! Wish I could be there!!

REDLAN said...

It's only here in Postcard Friendship friday I saw some light/night postcard. It's amazing. Thanks for sharing!