Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art Journal Caravan... what a ride this is going to be!

What is the matter with me? I ask myself that on a regular basis. Honestly, can I not stop clicking those buttons. As you know I have been getting hooked on digital art, well not getting hooked, who am I kidding? I AM HOOKED!!! Bingo!!! Look what I found over at Scrapbookgraphics, the Art Jouranl Caravan! WOW!! This looks so exciting, read the itinerary Debby! Oh, looks even better, should I? Nah, better not. Well maybe I better read this one more time, sounds so interesting. Yes!! Now is sounds totally right for me..LOL...CLICK!!! Oh boy, I am now a Caravan Girl! What fun...Okay, lets get serious here, this is an amazing project, really. A 52 week ride on the Caravan with our tour guide Tangie Baxter, love her stuff. I am jumping on the caravan 7 weeks behind, but that is okay, we can play when we have the time. The Caravan girls get a new challenge, quote, prompts and special kits every Friday, so much fun and so amazing! I am not good at journalling, I do not like using lots of words in my work, this is going to be a challenge and maybe, just maybe by week 52 I may like to get those words and quotes in there, we will see. It really doesn't matter as it will be my very own journal, beautiful and unique when I am done riding anyway, it is for me. 

I have decided to go with a 5x7 journal, no covers yet, that may be my last project as I have no clue what I want my cover to be. I will probably mix things up for the ride as that is what they would like us to do, digital and mixed media.

 So with that being said here is my Week #1 Itinerary, the theme this week was "One Word" to focus on for the whole year. I chose Dreams.

I have used elements from The Steamer Trunk/ Week #1 Itinerary & Junque Journal all by Tangie Baxter and Steampunk by Maya!

Stop over and checkout the Art Journal Caravan as there is lots of time to join in the fun!



Healing Woman said...


What an exciting project! I'll bet you work well with deadlines. They really do motivate me into creativity and judging by your first page, it obviously does you as well.

I love the color contrast. Great!

Healing Woman~ Cheryl

Terri Gordon said...

Really beautiful. Love all the details and colors.

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Thanks for making my day! I love your blog, wow a published artist! That is my goal, I hope one day...
I love the work you do, that cone you did for VD, cool. And your pups are too sweet. I'll be back! Lisa

jenny said...

Gorgeous page Debby - I joined the caravan last month and just LOVE it - very inspirational!!

Leone said...

Sounds like fun. Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I will become a follower, I love your blog.

Dorthe said...

Hi , and have a great ride, sounds very exiting.
I love your #1 : Dreams.

xo Dorthe

Nora Johnson said...

How interesting & fun, Debby!

Hope you're having a great week!

x Lola:)

Janine said...

Thats a lovely vintage- piece. Awesome.

Lululiz said...

Oh my , a whole year's worth of caravan excitement, sounds terrific! Great start.

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Good Morning Debby

The caravan ride sounds like a lot of fun and I am sure will challange you in many ways:) Your first page looks beautiful, I can wait to see how it evolves!!
Your work is amazing!!



This is just gorgeous....what a rich undertone it carries! nicely done!
ciao bella!

friedaquilter said...

I am definitely not going to click on that link, Debby, much too dangerous!!!
But I love the piece you made!
Shall I just have a little peek??!!
No, no, I must make quilts at the moment but I'm going to make a note for the future!

friedaquilter said...

I am definitely not going to click on that link, Debby, much too dangerous!!!
But I love the piece you made!
Shall I just have a little peek??!!
No, no, I must make quilts at the moment but I'm going to make a note for the future!

Marlynn said...

I am chuckling and LOL... why ... because I did join this caravan and then decided I didn't want to do art journaling and now here it is again.... my oh my, there are no coincidences - get out of my head Debby, no no no. Look, you got your image done. I didn't even get that far. Yes, even tho I am whinning - you do inspire me! ; )

Sares said...

I say if you're having fun, jump on the caravan and enjoy the ride! Your altered spoons are adorable too, i may have to try that one day! Hope you have a loveleigh Thursday!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love the lush colors! Beautiful composition.

The Josie Baggley Company said...

The Art Journal Caravan sounds cool!Enjoy!
& thanks Debby for your comment on my Wonderland Screen

Rainey :)

The Victorian Parlor said...

This sounds like fun-I'm going to check it out. BTW, your collage is gorgeous!



papercracker said...

What a fun idea -- I will be watching your blog to see how your journalling turns out. I am always envious of all the journal writers out there. Although I love art and words, I seldom seem to combine them together.

Terri said...

Debby, I love your enthusiasm! This sounds just wonderful and I know you are going to grow with it and enjoy it.
I love your theme, lots of room in there to work with. Your #1 is fab, I love the colors and the "passport to dreams" flower.
Woohoooo for you!