Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Out Of Bounds!!!

This is an Out of Bounds picture made in PSE 7 for my class homework.
Find original photo below.

This photo was taken by Carly at Opaques Studios.

This is an Out of Bounds that I done of the bridge picture below in photoshop! These are so cool and lots of fun to make.

Original taken by Carly at Opaque Studios!

You can find her work here:

My Learning to Love Layers class is coming to an end and what a great class it has been. I have been taking the classes by Sara Froelich over at LVS Online you can find it here:

and they are reasonable and Sara is an awesome teacher.


Mim said...

Your photography collages/photoshop work is amazing, I love it all.
Thanks for stopping by on Animal Wednesday and for the glimpse into your blog.

Marlynn said...

Debby, you are so darned talented and I am so impressed with these creations! hugs and best wishes for the Christmas season!

Sares said...

These are very cool! You must have had so much fun learning how to do these techniques. Now you just have to remember how to do them! That would be my problem. Hope you have a loveleigh evening!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

your photoshop skills are these creations! :)

Kelly said...

these are gorgeous!

Trudi Sissons said...

Very cool idea and it's good to get a recommendation for a class. There are so many out there! I love the bridge photo - did you take it?

Carol Stocker said...

Debby, these are so cool....what fun! xoxo

Tammy said...

Wow, how very cool! I am so jealous. I have wanted to learn how to create digitally. I will have to stop over at her blog and see how to sign up. Thanks for sharing.